The Law of Manifestation Explained in Simple Terms

If you want to attract things, people, and situations in your life using conscious effort, then first of all you need to understand what the Law of Manifestation is.

This article will help you get a grasp of the law.


Law of Manifestation

The Law of Manifestation asserts that your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world. In other words, your thoughts create your material reality. According to the law, every aspect of your life is shaped by your thoughts and it is possible to attract everything you want in life by directing your thoughts consciously.


Gestation period

Note that while it is perfectly possible to manifest everything you want in life, you cannot decide the speed at which something is manifested. The universe takes the amount of time it wants to take to manifest things for you, and the period the universe takes to manifest something is called gestation period.


The basis of the law

In our universe, everything is energy. Even your body is made up of nothing but energy. That may be hard to believe as your body looks different from the other things around you, but your body looks separate from the other things because the frequency at which your body is vibrating is different from the frequencies at which the other things are vibrating.

Note that it is not just physical things that vibrate on different frequency levels. Even your thoughts and intentions vibrate on various frequencies. And in order to attract anything in life, it is important to send out thoughts that vibrate on the level of the things that you want to attract.


Finding success

The people who are really successful in the world are often well aware of the Law of Manifestation. Having an understanding of the law, they generally put it to use for their own good. Actors use the law to land their big breaks, athletes make use of the law to perform greatly in the most important sport events, CEOs take the help of the law to attract success, and many others use the law in different ways.


The law in practice

In order to manifest anything in your life, it is necessary to align your thoughts to complement your goal. For instance, in case you want to manifest a fancy car, then you need to think about the car obsessively. You need to adjust your thoughts in such a way that your mind thinks that you already own the car. You can do that by visualizing different scenes, like driving the car, going to the gas station, and picking up your friend from work.


Unfulfilled expectations

Many people who try to use the Law of Manifestation to their advantage fail miserably. They fail because their thoughts do not vibrate on the same level as the things they want to manifest. If you want to have a trustable person in your life, you must first become trustable. If you are not someone who is trustable, you will fail to attract such a person in your life. In order to attract something or someone, you must first become a person who vibrates on the same level.